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Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?

It's that time of year. Taxes are due on April 15. But where do our tax dollars actually go?  Here's the answer.

The President's Budget in Pictures

Today we released The President's 2015 Budget in Pictures, a series of colorful charts telling the story of the priorities in the president's budget.

What’s in President Obama’s 2015 Budget, and Why Should We Care?

After getting through Congress, the final version of the budget will likely look very different from this initial blueprint; but the changes legislators make should reflect your priorities, not their political agenda.

Millennials: In the Workforce and On the Hot Seat

Now that Millenials are primary investors in the federal budget, shouldn't we have a say in what it looks like?

The Pentagon’s Phony Budget War, Or How the U.S. Military Avoided Budget Cuts, Lied About Doing So, Then Asked for Billions More

How the U.S. Military Avoided Budget Cuts, Lied About Doing So, Then Asked for Billions More 

How Would You Spend $3.9 Trillion?

Here are the five things you absolutely need to know about President Obama's proposal to spend $3.9 trillion in 2015

National Priorities Project Reacts to President's Fiscal Year 2015 Budget

President Obama today released his $3.9 trillion fiscal 2015 budget proposal, a plan that includes new manufacturing institutes, job training, and the president’s signature initiative of universal pre-kindergarten education. Here are the highlgihts of what the budget contains.

Secretary Hagel's Cuts Don’t Translate into Less Spending

Yesterday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel gave a major speech at the Pentagon, and a bold headline ran in The New York Times announcing that the Pentagon would shrink the Army to pre-World War II levels. While the speech did announce cutbacks in a number of military programs, the Pentagon isn’t planning any major reductions in spending any time soon.

President’s 2015 Budget Preview

Next week on March 4, President Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget will be released. Here’s what will -- and what won’t -- be in his budget request.

International Open Data Day 2014

February 22 is International Open Data Day. Celebrate by checking out some of NPP's open data tools.