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New Haven Ct Police Union Protests: 02/21/2011

Hester - Daily kos

Mon Feb 21, 2011 at 03:40 PM EST

Protest Links Afghan War, City Budget Cuts: 02/21/2011

Melinda Tuhus - New Haven Independent

Four men stood in front of City Hall with signs calling for redirecting military spending to meet human needs at home. Why weren't more people joining them?

Obama Accelerates The Great American War Machine: 02/21/2011

Sherwood Ross - Op Ed News

Under President Barack Obama's new budget for fiscal year 2012, the Great American War Machine just rolls on and on. "As it is, we're into sustaining a fighting force that's orders of magnitude larger than anything retained by any other country," observes Ezra Klein of The Washington Post February ...

Mailbag: Freedom From Within: 02/20/2011

Roger Paul - Democrat Herald

On Sunday's opinion page we were given another example of uncritical thinking by Charles Krauthammer. And I quote; "Today, everyone and his cousin supports the 'freedom agenda.' Of course, yesterday it was just George W. Bush, Tony Blair and a band of neocons ... "

Signature Ad For 'Bring Your War $$ Home' Campaign To Run In Portland Press Herald: 02/20/2011

Brad Cummings - Peace Action Maine

Dear Maine Friends:

Wisconsin Vs. The Great 'Conservative' Swindle: 02/20/2011

John Kaufman - Peace & Bread

Is Wisconsin broke or are we being swindled?

Wisconsin And Afghanistan – If Only We'd Connect The Dots: 02/19/2011

Robert Greenwald - Iraq & Vietnam War Stories

There is something stirring in Wisconsin and some folks have tried to connect it to what's happened in Egypt. Unionized workers and their many supporters are in danger of losing their right to bargain collectively and the uprising that it has led to among the citizenry is definitely causing consternation ...

National Values By The Numbers: 02/19/2011

Jo Comerford - The Coffee Party USA

National Priorities Project offers four detailed analyses of President Obama's $3.7 trillion budget for Fiscal Year 2012 focused on: expenditures, revenue and deficits, the impact of federal spending on the states and a detailed FY2012 budget overview with a selection of actual and projected revenue and spending charts.

Obama's Budget; Wisconsin: 02/18/2011

Chris Sturr - Dollars & Sense

(1) Obama's Budget: Our trustworthy source for analysis of Obama's 2012 budget proposal: The National Priorities Project:

$1 Trillion Contest Winners Visit Capitol Hill: 02/18/2011

AFSC - Your Olive Branch

As the historic debate over federal spending began in Washington, young winners of the "If I Had A Trillion" video contest descended on Capitol Hill, challenging lawmakers to address the bloated defense spending that imperils their schools, communities, and futures.